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Through commitment and excellency to continuous investment in our people we are on a mission to be the leading cleaning brand nationwide because Champions Cleaning Service provides over the top bespoke solutions tailored to meet your desired needs of cleaning and housework. We offer the best cleaning methods and the finest sanitary services.

Began in April 2019 and expanded it to incorporate ten staff members, Champions cleaning service is a woman-owned business that values its customers more than anything. Our pride is honoring our company by taking care of the trust that our clients put in our service. Champion cleaning services believe that a clean and germ-free environment is a safe environment.

We go by a set of values to maintain consistency in the provision of best-in-class services that leave a lasting impact. We are resource focused on maintaining cleaning standards with our company growth and staff. We believe in maintaining the current clients by winning their trust and attracting new and potential customers for the best ever cleaning experiences at an affordable range of price.

We impart the best training and education to the cleaning staff by investing resources to make sure that our standards are never compromised.

You can find myriad reasons to choose once and then over and over. Here are some:

  • We offer stellar cleaning services
  • Our company’s pricing is fair and affordable.
  • We tend to stay loyal to our customers
  • Honesty is our core value
  • We provide what we advertise.
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal
  • We go by the principles of quality management
  • We cover a wide range of sectors, industrial, commercial, and domestic.

Fighting against COVID19

In grave situations such as the current global pandemic which has taken the world by storm the need for sanitization and cleaning has immensely increased, more than ever before. We can help prevent the disease in your work environment or homes by following the necessary sanitary and cleaning standards. Champion Cleaning Service is working hard to desensitize the places of contact under the severe threat of COVID-19. The staff is putting their lives at risk to ensure the health and safety of the people who have acquired our services and we tend to so for those who seek to have us clean for them.

Champion cleaning service is a winner under global threat as we are striving to clean and disinfect on a regular basis by reducing the spread of germs on a national level. At the current level, our understanding of cleaning needs to be more selective and careful and Champion Cleaning Service is proud to have been fulfilling its responsibility by carrying out sanitization operations each day being a responsible cleaning company.


It is a hard truth that is associated with a janitorial industry that they primarily compete on high prices and underperform their job but at Champions Cleaning Services we understand the reality and concerns of our customers and therefore we try to stay ahead of the expectations of our customers to surprise them with the best quality services that would bind them to stay with us for all their cleaning needs for good.

We pay our employees well and strive to keep our customers happy. We are not shy to make efforts to attract our potential clients. We see new offices, schools, stores and medical facilities as our potential customers as Champions Cleaning services is already working with most of them in their area and locality but we are always looking out to reach out to new people to give the best experience in this field of service.

Champions Cleaning services dies not to overlook any areas that might require cleaning services therefore we expand our exploration keeping clients under consideration. These places include fitness centers, retail businesses, and archiving facilities such as upkeeps and storage centers.

Our ways of working:

  • We have properly documented way of imparting our cleaning services to various facilities.
  • We carry out heavy cleaning tasks and undertake special requirements as demanded by our customers.
  • The routine inspection and cleaning are documented to keep track record in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • We take care of your facilities and carry out our maintenance duties
  • We follow all health and safety regulations
  • The employees notify the management of any deficiencies or repairs that are needed in an area
  • We believe in teamwork and cooperation to bring out the best results
  • We stock and maintain supply rooms to avoid any delay and to avoid any sort of inconvenience

What People Say About Us

Until now we have been able to acquire only positive feedback from our customers and this encourages us to contribute more to society. We believe in the total satisfaction of customers at the end level by being at the leading edge of cleaning techniques because if they are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. Therefore, we aim to relentlessly pursue our services to ensure the superior results in the cleaning industry.


Our staff is very professional and selected on merit basis to maintain the name of Champions Cleaning services. We have a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled if someone wants to be a part of our company. The requirements are listed as follows:

  • Ability to cope with busy duty hours
  • Ability to handle heavy machinery and equipment
  • Ability to understand the importance of health and safety standards
  • Be aware of cleaning supplies and chemicals to be used during job
  • Have a competitive degree (High school)
  • Value integrity, loyalty and honesty
  • Highly responsible and trustworthy
  • Ability to work in team cohesively
  • Strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills

Staff duties:

We believe that staff and employees are the name and reputation of our company so we have devised descriptive ways of working for them that what duties they need to undertake and perform with responsibility. Here is the list to follow:

  • Set up stocks and maintain cleaning equipment
  • Responsible for all basic cleaning in and around the designated facility
  • Cleaning floors and rooms including dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, spot cleaning glass and windows
  • Picking up large objects off the floor and put in proper places
  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Monitor and maintain sanitization of assigned areas
  • Ensure optimum services to guests
  • Transport dirty linens to correct areas and restock clean linens
  • Perform additional duties when needed


We do not believe in limiting our services to some specific kind of business rather we serve whoever requires our help. Here are some of the areas that our expertise is already in progress with:

  • Educational institutes (schools/universities etc.)
  • Research centers
  • Medical and dental facilities
  • General offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Office parks
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing factories
  • Laboratories
  • Retail stores

We offer training and awareness programs for the masses to create awareness about cleanliness and sanitization and also to build trust among people how are work is carried out. The programs that we offer are:

  • Floor maintenance and matting program
  • Local outreach program
  • The medical and dental program

Thus, we are your choice and the first option to ensure the best services related to cleaning and sanitization. We value your choice and feedback from customers is always evaluated to overcome lacking if any.


Call Us or Mail Us today if you have any questions about our services. We are ready to help you.

5455 Gull Rd, Ste D 196 Kalamazoo,Michigan,49048
+1 866 822 4267
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